CCRC Community Lecture Series:

Women & Weight Lifting: the Key to Longevity & Independence

Thursday, November 9th at 6:00p at the Dublin Library

Jackie Ulm is a successful collegiate and post-collegiate athlete, now a successful business analyst in the corporate world. 

In college, she was 13 time All-American who won 5 individual National Championships in track & field. She also held 2 NCAA national records for over 12 years. In 2004 she represented the United States at the Olympics in track & field. Not only have these experiences been the foundation of her success in the corporate world, but they have made her a huge advocate for women’s health and fitness. Dedicated to help other women achieve the same benefits she has been getting from strength training, Jackie speaks and works with women all over the country.

She has been strength training 3-6 days per week for over 20 years and attributes strength training to her high functionality, business success, and high enjoyment of life. She feels that the benefits of strength training, particularly for women, reach far beyond getting strong. In this talk, she hopes to educate and motivate women in the Columbus area to start implementing strength training into their exercise routine.

Whether you are already strength training or are interested in starting, this talk is for you.  

What will Jackie cover in her talk?

  • The benefits of strength training for the female population
  •  Barriers to implementing strength training into your fitness routine and how to overcome them
  •  How to start using strength training: rules and guidelines to make it easy.

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Thursday, November 9th at 6:00p in the Dublin Library!!!
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