Dr. Richard Ulm from Columbus Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center announces an exciting preseason cross-country workshop on August 6th. The workshop covers major cross-country injuries, shoe technology, mobility, core exercises, and running mechanics. School athletes pay $49 for registration, including a foam roller, shirt, and gift cards. Parents and coaches can attend for free. Event details and registration on the website or call 614-389-4473.

In this video, Dr. Richard Ulm and Dr. Bradley Muse from Columbus Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center introduce their unique approach to chiropractic care. They blend traditional chiropractic techniques with rehab and physical therapy methods, providing personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient. Their goal is to actively involve the patient in their own care and achieve effective results..

In this video, Dr. Richard Ulm and Dr. Bradley Muse from Columbus Chiropractic and Rehabilitation discuss dry needling—a popular therapy for musculoskeletal issues. They explain its origins, differentiating it from acupuncture, which focuses on systemic conditions, while dry needling targets trigger points and tight muscles. The doctors demonstrate the procedure, using small filaments to insert the needles into specific areas. They emphasize its minimal discomfort and effectiveness when combined with other treatments. Viewers are encouraged to ask questions about dry needling and other therapies offered at their clinic.

Sciatica, often misunderstood, is actually a symptom characterized by pain, weakness, or tingling down the leg. In this video, Dr. Muse and Dr. Meyer explain the complexities of sciatica, conduct thorough assessments, and share effective treatment methods like the McKenzie approach and chiropractic manipulation. If you’re seeking relief from sciatica, watch as Dr. Muse and Dr. Meyer provide valuable insights into how we can help.

Join Dr. Richard Ulm and Dr. Jordan Meyer in this informative video as they tackle lower back pain. Discover how our personalized assessments and tailored treatments, including the McKenzie method, can help alleviate your discomfort. Watch now to learn how Columbus Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center can support your journey to relief and wellness.

Don’t suffer through neck pain any longer! The source of your discomfort could be a variety of things, from your discs and facet joints to surrounding muscles and ligaments. At CCRC, we understand that one-size-fits-all treatments don’t work for everyone. That’s why we often utilize the McKenzie Method, a diagnostic technique that helps us pinpoint the exact cause of your individual pain. With this knowledge, we can prescribe targeted therapies you can perform at home alongside in-office treatments like adjustments, soft tissue work, and personalized exercises. Take control of your neck pain today!

In this video, Drs. Muse and Ulm delve into the world of disc injuries, explaining the different types and how we assess and treat them at CCRC. Disc injuries come in varying degrees of severity. The most common is a protrusion, where stress on the disc wall causes a bulge. Next comes an extrusion, where the disc’s inner material pushes through the wall, potentially irritating nearby nerves. The most serious case is a sequestration, where this material detaches and floats freely in the spinal column.

Experiencing shooting pain down your arm or leg? Drs. Ulm and Muse shed light on radiculopathy, a condition caused by a pinched or irritated nerve root in your spine. This informative video explores the causes of radiculopathy, helping you recognize symptoms like radiating neck or back pain. They delve into how doctors diagnose the condition and explore various treatment options to get you back to full function and feeling your best. Watch the video to gain control of your pain and regain mobility!

Drs. Muse and Ulm discuss how seemingly problematic findings on scans, especially in older adults, may not always translate to actual pain. They delve into the rotator cuff’s four muscles, highlighting the commonly affected supraspinatus and infraspinatus. The key lies in CCRC’s thorough evaluation to pinpoint the culprit and implement targeted strengthening exercises, often leading to pain relief and restored function, without resorting to surgery. Watch the video to learn more!

Headaches can be a mystery, but Drs. Muse and Meyer offer a solution in this short video. They explain how headaches often stem from mechanical issues in the neck and jaw, not just migraines. CCRC’s approach focuses on finding the root cause through a thorough examination. Using manual therapies and addressing daily habits, like posture for desk workers, they aim to break the cycle of pain. Watch the video to discover how CCRC can help you ditch the headaches for good!

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