CCRC Pre-Season Lecture Series

What is this event all about? 

This is a short, 2 hour lecture series to help parents, coaches, and athletes navigate the upcoming sports seasons. We have 4 stellar presenters from the area, each speaking on a topic in which they are an authority. The lectures will each be 30 minutes long, with time for questions. 

When is this event happening? 

Saturday, August 10th from 9:00a to 11:00a.

Where is the event taking place? 

The SpringHill Suites in Bridge Park.

How much does it cost? 

This event is free for anyone wanting to attend. It is targeted at parents with children doing sports, but coaches and athletes are welcome to attend as well. 

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Meet the Presenters

Dr. Jason Dapore

Dr. Jason Dapore is on the sports medicine team for the Columbus Bluejackets. He is a fellowship-trained sports medicine physician, providing comprehensive, non-operative solutions for patients and athletes of all ages. Dr. Dapore is also the lead physician for the Sports Medicine fellowship through which he educates the next generation of sports physicians. 

Dr. Dapore will be presenting on “Challenges of Early Specialization in Sports”.  Over the last decade the pressure for early specialization in sports has increased dramatically. Does this come at a cost? How are we as parents to handle this pressure? What are the solutions/options? In his presentation, Dr. Dapore will answer all of these questions and provide parents and athletes advice to manage this challenging issue. 

Dr. Bradley Muse

Dr. Bradley Muse is a former Division I Athletic Trainer at Wright State University for 8 years.  Although he treats patients of all aspects of life, the experience he gained as an Athletic Trainer is seen in his Chiropractic approach for anyone and everyone.  He is a treating physician at Columbus Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center.

Dr. Muse will be presenting on “Prevention and Management of In-Season Injuries”. Too often adolescent athletes are left to their own devices when managing injuries sustained in the field of play. Acute medical coverage is ever improving in club and academic settings, unfortunately this is typically where care ends. Pressure is higher than ever on kids to focus on their sport 365 days a year while very often playing for more than one team. What can we as parents and medical professions do to better educate children on proper injury prevention and management? What are some basic strategies we can begin to implement to lower the potential of injury? Dr. Muse will tackle all of these questions in his presentation. 

Jessica Napolitano

Jessica Napolitano is a Registered Dietician, the first to hold that title in the Sports Medicine Department at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.  Jessica is also an adjunct professor at Otterbein University, her alma mater.  While she still fills a contingent role at Nationwide Children’s, Jessica now owns her own nutrition business called Nourished At Home LLC.

Jessica will be presenting on “Nutritional Considerations for the In-Season Athlete”. Sports Performance and Sports Medicine services are steadily improving while Sports Nutrition services for adolescent athletes seem to slowly be crawling forward. There is a litany of reasons why a young athlete may not adopt healthy eating habits including but not limited to time, knowledge, finances, and resources. Is there a way to education and make this process easier? Can we make these changes despite the challenges listed above? Jessica Napolitano will address these questions in her presentation. 

Dr. Richard Ulm

Dr. Richard Ulm is a former elite track athlete & strength coach for more than 10 years. He brings this experience into his medical practice where he regularly blends strength training with rehabilitation to provide top quality care to his patients and athletes. He is one of the physicians at Columbus Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center.

Dr. Ulm will be presenting on “Strength Training the High School Athlete”. Now more than ever, athletes (and their parents) are pressured to strength train at earlier and earlier ages. Adding to this pressure is the fact that it is coming from multiple coaches and sports. Not only are kids now playing recreational and school sports, they are now involved in club sports, each of which are pushing kids to strength train. Is this a good thing? Is it necessary? How are parents supposed to track and navigate this? What are some basic rules kids need to follow to benefit from this system without injury? These are all questions Dr. Ulm will be answering in his presentation. 

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