Lower Back Pain Treatment

Richard Ulm  0:05 

Hello guys, Dr. Richard Ulm here. I’m here with my buddy, Dr. Jordan Meyer. And today, in this video, we want to answer some questions that you might have about lower back pain, how it’s assessed, and how it’s treated. So, lower back pain is incredibly common all over the world, especially here in the US. And we treat a lot of it here at Columbus Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center. It can come from lots of things, it can come from muscles, it can come from discs, it can come from bones, maybe nerves, and some other stuff. And what we need to do here in the office is do a very, very thorough exam to figure out what’s the origin of that, what are some of the causative factors that maybe got you or a friend or a family member into low back pain so that we can actually give you a very, very specific treatment for maximum results.


Jordan Meyer  0:47 

Yeah. And so, how we would diagnose low back pain would be utilizing a number of different ways. We would either use a neurological exam, maybe we’ll do an orthopedic exam. We might continue on then using a therapy that we really love here called McKenzie, and that looks like we would basically put you through repetitive movements over and just see how you respond to that. We would then do more of a movement assessment and just check basic things, maybe it’s a squat, maybe it’s how you deadlift. And then continuing on, we might do just our basics of joint and muscle palpation.


Richard Ulm  1:14 

Yeah. In the exam, we have to make sure that we go through, and we’re able to listen to what you’re saying, any sort of history that you might be able to add for us. And then, we’re going to take you through a thorough exam so that we can figure out, not only what’s causing your pain, we call it the pain generator, but also what are some of the factors that influence that in the first place. So, now let’s talk about how we actually treat it. Well, how we treat is actually very, very dependent on what we found on the exam. And it’s critical here that we do a very, very specific treatment to actually you the patient right there. We don’t have any cookie-cutter programs like you might expect at a chiropractic office where you come in, you’re just going to get adjusted, and exercise, and then you go. Based on what we found on the exam, we’re going to have a highly specified program just for you that’s going to involve some combination of a lot of the therapies that we bring into the same treatment. We’re going to do soft tissue work where we’re going to get in there, we’re going to work on the muscles so that they… Maybe they’re not quite as tight, or they’re more active. We’re going to do some joint mobilization or manipulation. If you’re not comfortable with manipulation, that’s fine, we have lots of different techniques that we can use but we have to make sure the joints are moving. Like Dr. Meyer mentioned earlier, we use McKenzie method. And a lot of us are certified in McKenzie here, and all of us are trained in McKenzie here. And so, that is a very powerful exercise regiment that we can send you home with so that you have power over your condition at home, you’re not just dependent on us. And then, finally, we have to improve the quality of your movement. So, like he was saying in the exam, we might have looked at your hinge pattern, or your squat pattern, or how your core works, or whatever, and we have to go back in and actually try to improve those so that you’re able to not only perform where you were before you got hurt, but maybe even perform even better. So, hopefully, that video is helpful. Again, we’ve got lots of videos on there so you kind of understand whatever condition you, a friend, or a family member might be dealing with and how we here at Columbus Chiropractic approach it. So, please go to the YouTube page, or peruse around the website, there’s lots of good information for you. And hopeful to see you soon.

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