McKenzie Method: What Does it Treat?

Richard  0:04 

Ready. Hey guys, Dr. Richard Olm here. We wanted to answer the question: What does McKenzie treat? Now, before we get into that, I want to just kind of review what is Mackenzie? Well, it’s a mode of assessment and it’s also a treatment tool. So, this is how we go through, we assess the patients that come in the door, and we’re able to accurately classify you guys so that we know what treatments you guys need to be given. Now, what does it actually treat, though, is the question.

Ben  0:31 

Technically, the principles can be applied to any joint in the body. So, if that’s runner’s knee, or plantar fasciitis, or tennis elbow, we can apply those techniques to help those issues. But primarily, it’s most powerful in the spine. So, mechanical spine pain, chronic lower back issues, disc issues, radicular pain down your leg, neck pain with sitting, tension headaches.

Richard 0:55 

Sciatica. Just all the things. So, like he said, we can use it to treat tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, shoulder impingement. And we do. But really, where it shines is in the spine. So, if you have any of the stuff that we just talked about, chronic low back pain, disc issues, the sciatica — the sciatica — sciatica, arm symptoms, whatever, Mackenzie is a very, very powerful tool that you can use. And we all have been trained in McKenzie, and we all use this stuff. So, while it’s not the only thing that we do in the clinic, it is a very powerful tool that we use in the clinic to give the patients as good a quality care as we can possibly give.

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