Kettlebell Workshop with
Dr. Richard Ulm, SFG-2, RKC-1, CSCS

Join us on July 27th, at 10:00am at Chalkdust CrossFit

On Saturday, July 27th at 10:00a at ChalkDust CrossFit, Dr. Richard Ulm will be teaching a workshop on the kettlebell swing & snatch to all who want to attend. 

Note: this workshop is for those with prior kettlebell swinging experience. You don’t have to be a kettlebell master or a CrossFit games athlete, but you should have basic knowledge of the swing to get the most out of the workshop. 

The kettlebell swing is an exercise profoundly useful for anyone wanting to improve their strength, endurance, power, or overall fitness level. It is also a staple exercise in Crossfit. It is, however, more complex of a movement than it might appear. Many CrossFit athletes are able to execute a swing but not inefficiently, which increases the risk of injury and hinders performance. In this workshop, Dr. Ulm, an experienced kettlebell athlete himself, will improve attendee’s understanding of the swing and their ability to properly execute and utilize this powerful movement in training. Learning how to properly swing will profoundly improve performance. 

In addition to be a former elite Track and Field athlete, Dr. Ulm is a certified kettlebell coach by both StrongFirst (SFG-II) and Dragon Door (RKC-1). Last year, at the age of 46, he became the 67th male and oldest ever to achieve “Sinister”. Sinister is an infamous workout written by the father of kettlebell training Pavel Tsatsouline that involves executing 100 Single Arm Swings in 5 minutes and then performing 10 Turkish Get-Ups (EMOM) all with the 48kg/106lb kettlebell. It took Dr. Ulm over 30,000 swings and more than 3,200 Turkish Get-Ups to achieve Sinister. 

During his training for Sinister Dr. Ulm learned a tremendous amount about the kettlebell swing. In this workshop, he intends to help others learn from his mistakes and from his experiences as a successful kettlebell athlete. 

What the workshop involves...

  • Mechanics (phases) of the kettlebell swing & snatch.
  • Proper bracing to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.
  • When and how to breathe for an effective swing/snatch.
  • How to maximize your leg power for optimal performance. 
  • Movements to be covered: Romanian Deadlift, Russian Swing, Single Russian Swing, American Swing (aka Kettlebell Snatch), and the Single Arm Snatch.
  • The workshop will end with a workout (optional) for those who want to practice what they just learned.

Don't Get Left Behind!

Master the Kettlebell Swing with Dr. Ulm Before It's Too Late.
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