Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS)

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) is a powerful approach to rehabilitation founded in neurology. DNS was founded by a brilliant physiotherapist from the Czech Republic named Pavel Kolar, PT, Paed. The purpose of DNS is to promote proper activation and coordination of the neuromuscular system. This has yielded amazing success in treating pain syndromes as well as various neurological conditions such as mechanical lower back pain, shoulder impingement, and cervical radiculopathy with great success. The end goal of DNS is to restore optimal function to the patient so they not only move pain free, but are able to perform at their highest desired level. DNS is used in conjunction with other powerful therapy techniques such as McKenzie Method, joint manipulation, and soft tissue therapy to get the best results possible with each and every patient we treat.
DNS is the foundation of the approach at CCRC. Dr. Kraft, Dr. Meyer and Dr. Ulm have all become certified DNS Practitioners. Dr. Muse has completed the coursework and is scheduled to sit for the exam this summer.
DNS is one of the main reasons the physicians at CCRC are able to help such a wide variety of conditions from a simple disc herniation to highly complex patients suffering from chronic pain.