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Richard Ulm  0:05 

Hey there, my name is Dr. Richard Ulm, I’m here in Columbus Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center in Dublin, Ohio with Dr. Bradley Muse. We just want to take a chance to kind of introduce ourselves. So, we are chiropractors. You might have searched for chiropractic before, you might have had an experience with chiropractors before, but we’re a little bit different than a typical chiropractor.


Bradley Muse  0:23 

Yeah. So, oftentimes, when people are thinking about chiropractic, they think about what they see on the internet, the videos of the crazy adjustments, and all that stuff. Nothing wrong with that, but we wanted to make this video…


Richard Ulm  0:35 

Well, needs to be used appropriately, but sure.


Bradley Muse  0:37 

Sure. We wanted to make this video to reintroduce ourselves to the people of Columbus and give you guys a little bit more of a look into how we do things here.


Richard Ulm  0:46 

Yeah. So, chiropractic is a very, very powerful tool. But what’s frustrating is you get this huge variety of experiences when you go to a chiropractor. It’s not like a dentist where it’s like, for the most part, the same. You could go to a chiropractor, and they could only talk about nutrition, or they could try to trick you into doing a $5,000 plan, we don’t do that, you might come in and all they’re doing is adjusting and nothing else. What we’re going to do here is actually we’re going to blend a lot of the one-on-one, personal, hands-on experience that you get with a traditional chiropractor doing soft tissue work, and joint mobilization or manipulation, we’re also going to blend that with a lot of rehab and physical therapy type tools.


Bradley Muse  1:25 

Right. And just along those lines of what he just said, oftentimes, people are trying to shop the marketplace for all these separate things. They need to go find a physical therapist, they need to go find their chiropractor, their massage therapists, their personal trainer. Well, what we do here is we’d like to think that we blend a lot of this together. Dr. Ulm has a great background in strength and conditioning, I have a great background in sports medicine. Well, it doesn’t mean that applies to… But we begin to blend all these things together. So yes, we do the manual therapy aspect that you’re probably not going to get out to many other healthcare professionals outside of chiropractic, and some PTs. But then, we also back that up with really good physical activity, active exercise, stuff on the table, and then we take you out into another area of the office to work on things like weightlifting.


Richard Ulm  2:13

Running form.


Bradley Muse  2:14



Richard Ulm  2:14

Setting stuff.


Bradley Muse  2:15

So, it’s not just laying you down, and as we say, bestowing our magic healing powers on you, we then want to make you active in your own care. This isn’t just a passive approach.


Richard Ulm  2:25 

Yeah. It’s very much where the patient and the doctor, there’s four of us in here, by the way, I forgot to mention that. We also have Dr. Kraft and Dr. Meyer who are both excellent. Not quite as good as…(Laughs) So, we want the patient to be involved here. So it’s going to be very, very different than just rolling into a chiropractic office, and just laying on a table, and sort of getting manipulated, and then getting out there. Now, to just kind of close up quick, we’ve got lots of tools that we use: Soft tissue techniques, rehab exercises, dry needling, joint manipulation, McKenzie. There’s lots of things that we use here, but the thing that we have to do in the exam, and I think the reason that this is a great place is that we try to tailor every single treatment plan to the human that’s in front of us, the patient that’s in front of us. We don’t have any sort of cookie-cutter plans where you come in, which is very common in traditional physical therapy, and traditional chiropractic. You’re going to come in, you’re going to have a detailed exam, one-on-one with a doctor, and all of your treatments are one-on-one with that doctor. We don’t push you off to other part-time employees that are just sort of doing the rehab. It’s one-on-one with the doc, and it’s going to be a powerful blend between the hands-on aspect of chiropractic mixed with the functional rehab base of physical therapy.


Bradley Muse  3:35 

Absolutely, yeah. We’re not trying to shove that square peg into a round hole, we’re trying to make it as specific to you, the patient, so that we can send you home with something specific to you to get you back on track to doing what you want to do.


Richard Ulm  3:47 

Yeah. So, if you want a little bit more information about the techniques that we use, click on some of the videos that will be kind of linked at the end of this; McKenzie, or soft tissue, or rehab, so you can kind of get a little bit more deep dive into what we do here. So, until then, hopefully, you enjoyed this or benefited from this, and hopefully, we’ll see you in the office.


Bradley Muse  4:05

See you, guys.

[End of Audio]

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