Chiropractic Adjustment: What's Happening?

Brad Muse  0:04 

Let’s talk about the adjustment, and more so, what’s happening with the adjustment. So, in the world of chiropractic, there’s plenty of different ways that you may be adjusted. So, it all depends on which office you go to, what kind of physician you’re seeing. A very commonly practiced thing is utilizing X-rays, which Dr. Kraft is going to talk about a little bit here.


Ben Kraft  0:25 

Oh, yeah. There are definitely places where you go and everyone that walks in the door gets an X-ray. We’ll use an X-ray to rule out cancer infection, fractures. But it’s just a picture of a moment in time. So, your spine moves, your joints move, so what shows up on an x-ray doesn’t necessarily reflect your condition or, your life, or how that’s even going to look an hour later.


Brad Muse  0:52 

Yeah. And I think, sometimes, when some physicians are looking at X-rays, they’re working with the notion that there’s this idea of perfect anatomy where everybody should have this nice straight spine. And if there’s any sort of abnormalities where a vertebra is rotated one way or the other, then that’s where the issue is. But, sometimes, that can just be a normal variant for that person, so that’s why we need to utilize other things. Maybe it’s okay to use something like an X-ray, but then, we also need some more dynamic type testing to see how the person actually moves through space. So that’s why, in our office, we like to assess the joints through movement. So, we’ll use palpation or the act of using your hands to feel the joint. So if I’m testing something like this CT junction where the neck meets the middle of the back, I’m going to take them into certain motions, and I’m going to see how do they move in all these different axes of motion through my palpation. If I figure out maybe they can’t bend this way, maybe they can’t come back, or they can’t rotate this way, well, then that may be how I set them up in my adjustment, and then I just provide a force. That’s what the adjustment is. We’re just mobilizing the joint, we’re not putting bones back into place. If you have a bone out of place, that’s a pretty big problem, you should probably get to the ER instead. That’s called a dislocation. Joints just get stuck or fixated. When we apply the adjustment, all we’re doing is mobilizing that joint and normalizing function within it. So, if you guys have any other questions regarding what the chiropractic adjustment is, how we utilize it, watch some of our other videos or reach out to us, comment below. Just get a hold of us any way possible, and we’d be more than happy to talk to you about it.

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