Chiropractic adjustments: Is it safe?

Brad Muse  0:04 

All right. We’re going to talk about whether or not the chiropractic adjustment is safe. This is a very common question or concern that people have when they’re first deciding whether or not they want to see a chiropractor, and that’s a fair question to have. What we usually tell people is that there’s going to be adverse reactions with just about any medical procedure you may get, whether it’s surgery, or injections, or anything of the like. The way that we circumnavigate this within our practice is that we use what’s called a progression of forces. So, when you come in here as a new patient, this is not a situation where you come in, we lay you down, we go right into the adjustment because, if that were the case, we wouldn’t have done our due diligence. So, we use things like orthopedic examinations, we use the McKenzie method, which if you want to learn more about that, watch some of our other videos. But through using something like the McKenzie method, we are gradually exposing the patient to more and more and more force. So the way that it works is, initially, maybe we have someone produce the force themselves, and maybe they give a little bit of more pressure themselves until we put our hands on them and provide even more pressure. In a case like that, if the patient can withstand these forces, and there’s not any sort of red flags showing up as we do it, then we can deem them safe for something like the chiropractic adjustment.


Ben Kraft  1:20 

Yeah. By far, the most common side effect we see of a joint manipulation is someone coming in and saying they are sore, they felt like they just worked out, which can be we go in and stretch the muscles or create some movement in the spine where it’s stiff before. So, that’s not really uncommon to have somebody sore, but again, 24 or 48 hours there, they feel great, oftentimes, better and they’re happy then. there’s some other small risks of, say, like a rib fracture if you’re a typically older female with osteoporosis, and the bones are really thin. But we will use appropriate forces then, we don’t kind of go all out if you’re the candidate for that kind of thing. Another thing with that, we have malpractice insurance, we all carry it. And in the healthcare world, chiropractors have the lowest malpractice insurance of any healthcare provider. So, that kind of tells you how risky the stuff that we do in here is.


Brad Muse  2:25 

Yeah. If you guys have any questions or concerns about what all the chiropractic adjustment entails, comment below or watch some of the other videos that we will put out about the chiropractic adjustment. Thanks, guys!

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